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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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also been a comfortable knowing that if two many visitors ascend on us dollars a clean and well run place where we can have our friends and family stay that will seem more lining like an extension extension of our own homes. i hope it remains an asset we can don't think this thank you very much. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm richard gail i've been to slel of shell beulah's house many times i've had a chance to meet her guests and they're happy to be there when my wife's cousin came from italy we suggested they stated there they stayed for one week and they're still talking about it and we're
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pleased about the opportunity i recommend you approve her application >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is paula i'm the cpa in sausalito in getting away from the tax season come over to noah's nest just a few miles away from sausalito it is a home away from home it's a wonderful place to be the garden are beautiful. the place is very eloquent and sheila is wonderful the hospitality is wonderful. i'd like to stay there the place is eloquent and represents san francisco well and strorng yours u you're going to you support the conditional use and go by
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and have the breakfast it's wonderful >> a few more names. >> good afternoon. i'm margret i've known sheila for seven years as a homeowner might have and here perm friend i hope she is granted the fund to have noah's nest i urge you to support her as well. >> thank you. good afternoon structural engineer sheila i've known her for over 15 years she asked for a structural inspectors it is struggling sound thanks (laughter) >> thank you. >> >> well, i'm robert
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alderman a photojournalist it and a photographyer i'm nothing incarcerated to sheila ash and noah's nest. truly it's at&t's a nest where people nest he will in its unique and artistic and she's honored me but allowing me to have my work appear open her wall so much has been added i can only say from the heart to approve it's a wonderful, wonderful place thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello my name is ms. roman
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field i'm from israeli belong it the international community here in san francisco. anytime a friend or family come from as far as israeli know the only place to go is noah's nest especially now in the terrible times we're golden through a friend call me and say where should they go i need to have a rest i have the right place noah's nest sheila has been known to give up her own bed in case the place is needing a bed. i wish that we will still have this service for the community and i can't imagine san francisco without noah's nest. thank you
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm ken i'm here to support noah's nest. and that's because noah's nest is an asset to our city and neighborhood it's the first placing place i stated when i came to town that's when i came to san francisco to make it my home it was a great stay and when my parent came here they stated and loved it one of the great things they could stay when i had the car at work and they could get around town that's a walkable neighborhood it brings us colorful visitors and energy to the town and noah's nest is a place i can
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recommend to people i want to be an ambassador to the city i tell people this is where you should watch the giants game and stay another noah's nest >> thank you. is there any additional public comment. >> hi optimum i'm john milestone my folks have been here for generations i have a sense of san francisco and i appreciate this place sheila ash running noah's nest has impressed ms. as being a institution san francisco is a gracious city people get to stay at different
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places but when they come to san francisco and get to stay at noah's nest they're staying in a real san francisco environment she's you poured her heart and soul in love into making this business an incredible impact on a multiple variety of levels for anything to be sdpishd from noah's nest would be criminal. so i ask you to through one hundred percent support behind noah's nest. thank you. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. . >> hi i live in noah valley and shell beulah's is an icon to the neighborhood if someone comes to noah valleys and want to know where to stale noah's nest is recommended. i like the noah valley merchant
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when they have meeting at her house her place is that she has everybody shows up including the local supervisors supervisor wiener has been there and the other thing she didn't let people come to the meetings but she puts open a great feast i hope you'll approval this cu >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. . >> hi, i'm mending i didn't. and sheila is an educating asset to the community she's a member of the luke la any public comment foundation. the richmond aids foundation are the cancer foundation 7 stores and have a seat that helps
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handicap children the noah valley merchant association. the institute for education with the state department she holsters dignitaries traveling and the canvas hospitality group human resources sheila is a connoisseur to the city. she's a patron of the arts and supports the museums of the academy and sciences she's a wonderful rep for the city came up through the ranks as a single parent and has become an important member of the san francisco community she provides a service as a bridge between low end compromised and high end accommodations her b and b is a
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welcoming environmentalist and a wonderful place to stay in a victorian a wonderful alternative an opportunity to stay in a real san francisco victorian i hope you vote yes for this conditional use application >> thank you. is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. how wonderful to hear this wonderful news this is wonderful. >> commissioner hillis. i want to echo is sheila here. your obviously b loves there is not much more to add i move to approve >> commissioner antonini. >> (clapping) >> excuse me. if we can refrain from the clapping.
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>> i have an informational quay question what was the governor that owned the house i figured it of the ross who was the mayor of san francisco for many years his name is out there on the clock thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> wow. we're careful of supporting formula retail maybe you can talk to other neighbors because of the decision people like to experience how you're describing it and everyone has some thing special if you have ideas to try what you're schematic in your very much welcome. >> commissioners there's a motion and second to approve the conditional use on that motion arrest commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu.
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so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. (clapping.) >> commissioners that places you on item 14 at 1501 slop boulevard a request for conditional use authorization if those people leaving the chambers please do so quietly. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu 89 in a what the plaintiff the semi is for conditional use authorization for the established of a formula retail use at the lake shore plaza other than the south side of the street. the property is zoned mc s and zoned by the lucky supermarket this is for the formula retail within any mc use that requires
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the conditional use authorization there are 23 other formula retail establishment and one null established formula retail use approved within the shopping district that has a 8 hundred and 10 secret doing business as a market. there was a study to evaluate formula retail with the legislation proposed at various locations throughout the city this project site was not included in my of the legislations. as header by itself commission on july 17th proposed legislation to expand the notification requirement of the requirements this is a formula retail project the project will not be effected pshgd to date
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the department has not received any correspondence and the department recommended approval with conditions that concludes my presentation. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. project sponsor >> good afternoon, commissioners. i that guarantee do not bring an active crowd to speak in support of the new subway where the quiznos was i don't think it's necessary to say the community will support this. we've met with the leader the group adjacent to the property and have satisfied them we're going to address the neighborhood concerns raised by itself previous tenant. we subway the an experience operator the owner of the
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franchise is present as well as the continued site manager they've agreed with the staff thank you to tina chang and say on a person note one i think that the taking the commissions time for conditional use on this type of on establishment on nc s takes more time then necessary this isn't an appropriate place for formula retail on a personal note, i have an ma tricking junior at the high school a block away i'm here on a formula retail restaurant if i didn't come my junior in high school
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wouldn't allow me at the dinner table raised and nothing like a spa sandwich for a eternal to get through the day i hope you'll support of the formula retail at this location >> thank you any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think this is a worthy project it's basically only one formula retail going to another it is something under the new proposals for staff that might not come before us it depended on whether it's as the intensification i move to approve. >> commissioner johnson. >> i have a quick question does our eternal like quiznos hass as
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much as subway saw he was enthusiastic when we heard about the change. >> commissioners a motion and a second on that motion. >> commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong. commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 16 for the next case. 581 market street as long as stephen son street request for conditional use authorization >> good afternoon planning staff before you is a conditional use authorization under planning code section to legalize the establishment of the professional business offices below the offer basement building on market street street so long as as he stevenson
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street located on the south side of the street. is located within the s z downtown plan. the project is to legalize point 7 thousand square feet office space that has primary assess from the ground floor. the building formally occupied by stacey's bookstore was previously a cvs says that a building permit for the material permit was approved by the san francisco department of building inspection but was not routed to the planning department this conditional use is seeks to legalize the construction no physical modifications to the
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building have proposed. since the project packets were submitted to public comment open this project. the department recommendation is for approval with recommendations and a as he department of seemed desirable not alternating formula retail along>> next speaker. >> market street and will increase the office space and desirable for and comparable with the surrounding neighborhood that concludes my presentation. unless there's comments. >> project sponsor. >> good morning, everyone. john doe i didn't on behalf of the real estate partners the project sponsor. just a little bit of background pretty straightforward issue in terms of how the office space was added initially no 2012 cvs was added to the ground floor so
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the retail space was put in and office was installed above on the second and third floor as a principally permitted use the project sponsor went or went back to add office use to the lower level and was unaware there was a specific permit needed they've summit plans to dbi the plans were - the building permit was issued the occupancy was required no one knew a cu was required the spates is a occupied by a attended the same tenant on the second and third floors the project sponsor was notified and seeks to correct what was due to an oversight.
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and having followed the dbi procedures has been made aware of the permit needed. it has provisions of office space in parking at the building so it didn't increase the vehicle traffic at all and maintenance the vehicle space that faces the street and maintenance the character of the building no changes to the exterior of the this as part of the project the project upgraded the will the in the basement and in the rest of the building and supports the policies in the city the current tenant can remain and essentially just provides well built office space in an accessibility area we ask you support of the conditional use approval. i have a the general council if
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there's questions >> any public comment on that item? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> yeah. i think this is worthy project it is only before us because of on other you, you know, they're doing what needs to be done to make it conform and apparently there's a conditional use required for the office on the ground floor i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioners moved and seconded to approve with that commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you on item 16 for the next case. at 923 through 31 fulsome street
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request for conditional use authorization. and good afternoon commissioner president wu and commissioner doug department staff the project is for a large conditional use authorization at the project the demolition of an existing 45 hundred square feet office building the lots totally 38 hundred square feet and the demolition of 3 knows at a time a building that includes a 15 hundred ground floor says that a residential lobby and 8 stories above the next is a facade that includes 4 stories including 4
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townhouse units that dribble affront the street they will correct the corridor and have a combined area of one hundred 38 hundred square feet and share a basement garage that a off-street parking and class one bicycle spaces it includes a dwelling unit mix of 8 studios 47 two bedroom units and the project sponsor will provide 14 affordable housing units on sites. the small business is provided through private balconies a 5 hundred secret courtyard and a second pedestrian access is
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provide 55 front street and a ramp avenue shipley street under the confusion the project is seeking the planning code requirement for rear yard under section 34 and off-street parking and a special architecture feature under the articles. the project is located in the east selma neighborhood combination of residential and commercial uses. the transbay terminal is located 5 blocks east of the site and market street is located 3 blocks to the north. the recent completed project that is a 3 hundred and 82 square feet detriment is on the ned.
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it's bordered by a hotel along the full name frontage and a four story multiple family building along the shipley street it's bordered the fire department. we've received one hundred and 10 signatures and letters from 26 individuals neighborhood and community groups in support of the project the department has received one letter of opposition to the project. the commission has received the letters including those received after the publication after lookts looking at this the staff feels that's an appropriate project that adds homes to the housing is to know in an urban area that is planned for mid to high density near downtown employment and centers. the project is situate to
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numerous transportation options it allows resident to ride or use bicycle as their primary transmission it will compliment the rapidly changes in the entertainment area and in the selma neighborhood the project result in significant improvements to the environmentalist including landscaping and site furniture provides 47 two bedroom homes and the project proposes a parking ratio of .68 below the maximum ratio of .75 and approximately provide 1 point plus million dollars to the public benefit fund and finally,
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there's the project is consistent with the jeep plan based on those finding and those described the plaintiff recommends approval with conditions the project sponsor is present and has prepared a presentation that concludes my presentation. and i'm available for questions >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm kim diechltd with your honor, and an opportunity to speak twice today, we truly appreciate and thank you for the time and hard work i and the planning staff have contributed at 923 fulsome our architect will walk you through the design but i want to spend time on our outreach efforts we've felt extremely
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fortunate to be part of the vibrant community he want to talk about our aspirin it began at your 2013 community project at that meeting the executive director asked what our contributions to the community would be not gru just by building the buildings but how we can make a difference for the people through many conversations we've partnered with u p and developed a dynamic collaboration to connect youth to the employment opportunity through real estate and construction and development the 2013 and 2014 we had great participation. in 2013 with had two
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participants and our goal is to continue to help facilitate additional job placement in the industry for fulsome we'll create 34 hundred and thirty construction jobs as well as provide apprenticeship opportunity for the program. through the program we've made connections to other projects like the mission hall and the asian neighborhood design and west by the way, center to help strengthen the program but also serve to bring the community closer together. true mark will help to promote a homework structure once resident are in place ongoing monthly contributions will be made through the hoa dues to meet the